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Susan S.
After spending countless dollars and calling two other pest control companies only to hear we had squirrels from one company and birds from the other company, Wildlife Removal Experts showed us the evidence that we had rats. After a home seal up to keep rats out and an attic restoration to restore the attic to clean again, our problem was solved finally. I would recommend Wildlife Removal Experts to handle your wildlife needs.
Wildlife Removal Experts LLC Clients
Wildlife Removal Experts LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:
Tommy F.
We had loud noises in our attic and fireplace areas. We called Wildlife Removal Experts to see what the problem was. They immediately discovered that it was a Raccoon getting into a soffit on our home. They set traps and the next morning we had a Raccoon! "Wow!" I thought the problem was solved; however, we were informed that the Raccoon was a nursing mom. Upon inspection of the fireplace area, it was discovered there were babies. W.R.E. had to cut into the wall and pull the babies out. Thank you guys so much!
Rebecca T.
We had a squirrel trapped in our wall behind the entertainment center. Wildlife Removal Experts came out on a Saturday morning and cut the wall and got the squirrel out, fixed the hole the squirrel had gotten in through and was on their way in just about 1 1/2 hours. We will be calling them again if we have any more wildlife problems.
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